Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website


Perfect for artists, bloggers and writers who wish to establish their presence without the hassle.

What's included with the package.

  • Minimum of three pages
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Blog integration
  • Gallery integration
  • Domain setup
  • SEO implementation
  • Up to 2 client revisions (any additional revisions after the limit will be subjected to $50 per revision).

The total project price is $500.  We require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order for us to start the project. Once project is completed, a separate invoice (via PayPal) will be sent to your email address for the remaining balance. If for any reason you do not want to work with us, please notify us within 14 business days. Otherwise, we will not hand over the website until the remaining balance is due.

Estimate turnaround time: 1 - 3 weeks

All Slots Are Booked

Communication is Key!

We may have been part of the psychic hotline industry, but rest assured - we don't make assumptions about what you need. We value your feedback and do our best to work with your vision. What can you expect during the consultation process? Having a 1:1 discussion on what your website jobs entails and your goals via email or phone.

  • Some things to consider during our conversation:
    • What type of content you want placed on the website?
    • Any particular mood boards that speak to your soul?
    • Any pictures and documents that need to be included?
    • Developing a site outline and structure of your website flow
    • A short description that we will need to add in the Meta tags for SEO purposes.
    • Potential keywords that you would like to add in order to be viewable on search engines.
  • Once we come up with an agreement on what will be done, we ask that an initial deposit (non-refundable) will be provided to us before we start your website.