#NaNoReno Update: Character Sprites

Hey friends, it’s Diana here with another update on my visual novel “Moo Times of Betsy: Episode 1”. It’s now Day 9 of the game jam and I just finished completing the two main human characters that will be part of the main storyline (not just this current episode alone, but in future episodes).

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peak of the two human characters. Meet…us!

Yes, us as in myself and my husband in cartoon form 😆 I tried my best to look like ourselves when we were in our late 20s (yeah that was years ago…now you know how old we are 😅)

The family (that’s us) who decides to adopt our plush animal cow 🐮

The family (that’s us) who decides to adopt our plush animal cow 🐮

I would be lying if I said that making the two characters would be easy to make. Originally, I was hoping to use a character generator with an anime feel. Somehow, the program stopped working once I updated to the latest MacOS version and it couldn’t find the template on the software 😖 I took it as a good learning experience and decided to look for reference images on getting the pose right and filling in the details. After some trial and error, I’ve managed to create different facial expressions for both characters when interacting.

That’s it for today’s update! I’ll need to create the final character sprite for the memory episode before I start delving into the programming.

See you again!