#NaNoRenO Update: Script, Sprites and Background Art

Hey friends, it’s Diana here. Hope you’re having a fantastic start of the month!

Right now, it’s Day 6 of the NaNoRenO game jam and already, I’ve completed the script along with the first half of the sprites for the main character and the background art.

Bonus - I’m including the title of the visual novel episode series!

Presenting…The Moo Times of Betsy:


The title was based from my old comic that was done sometime around 2011 with Betsy’s adventures. I decided to revamp the series and make it more of an episode based game with improved graphics of Betsy the Cow. All of the sprites above are done using Procreate. I’m probably gonna expand more expressions for Betsy, but this will do for now 😊

Here are two background art samples that will be part of the game. I wanted to give it a storybook / sentimental feel as you can see with the painterly effect on the images. These were originally rendered with a 3D modeling app prior to doing the painting filter. The rest of the background art will be available for viewing once the game has been completed (hopefully in time before the NaNoRenO 2019 deadline):

Main menu screen.

Main menu screen.

Inside of a posh mall

Inside of a posh mall

All right, that’s all I have for now. Pretty excited how this turned out. The next update should include the human sprites that will be part of the story line. See you on the next update!