NaNoRenO 2019: What the heck is it?

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Hey friends! It’s Diana here and I’m welcoming everyone to my first blog post for the month where I’ll be discussing a month long game jam called NaNoRenO.

So what the heck is it exactly? Similar to NaNoWriMo - for a whole month, you’ll be working on a sprint-like fashion in creating and developing a visual novel. Whether or not if it’s fully in completion, the idea behind creating a visual novel offers a chance for creatives in expanding their skills sets and provide a form of challenge. The nice thing about NaNoRenO is that there’s little rules as to how you’ll create the product - what matters more is the end result looking like a visual novel. So, there’s definitely plenty of room for creativity and fun during the process.

I’ve always been a fan of visual novels for as long as I can remember, starting with the Love365 app by Voltage Games. A while back, I’ve attempted in creating one but flopped due to lack of motivation (and not improving on my artwork skills). After recently getting back into gaming and playing more visual novels during my spare time, I was fortunate to stumble onto the opportunity in creating a visual novel. This time, I will be using Ren’Py, which offers flexibility in creating your games. As someone who has a Python background, I wanted to do something challenging and fun for the month of NaNoRenO.

If you want to learn more about NaNoRenO and participate in the jam, check out the page here.

Since this will be my first time participating in the jam, I’ll keep the visual novel simple by releasing it as an episodic series. At the moment, the script has been written, so now it’ll be time for me to create the background art and sprites. After that, it’s time for the coding.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide more details in my next post. Until then, take it easy!