#NaNoRenO Update: Commence the Coding!

Hey friends 👋🏻 it’s Diana here with another update on the visual novel progress of “Moo Times of Betsy: Episode 1”.

Right now, we’re at Day 12 of the NaNoRenO 2019 jam and I’m happy to report that I’ve started coding using Ren’Py. At the moment, I’ve managed to get half of the script (including the branch choice on the visual novel).

Prior to coding, I realised that some of the images were larger than the intended resolution (since the default size of the visual novel game is set to 1280 x 720 pixels). So I ended up resizing the sprites to a lower size and testing to make sure that it fits within the frame window.

The GUI will still need some work, but so far, the text and the images have been loaded without any issues. Here’s a sneak peak of two scenes from the first episode:


I’m hoping by the next update, there will be some improvements on the GUI interface and showcasing more scenes. Until then, it’s off to Ren’Py land.

See you on my next update 🤗