Weekend Project: Building A Sticker App For The iOS Platform

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What if I were to tell you that building an iOS app can be done over the weekend? And without any coding involved?

Yep, you've read that right. And it's damn possible to do so. 

Eons ago (actually more like four years, to be exact) - I've developed simple and cute game apps catered to kids on the iOS platform. It was fun while it lasted. After realizing that my apps wouldn't comply with the newer requirements on the App Store, I decided to pull them out and convert them into HTML5 games and had them hosted on Game Jolt for free. 

I did miss creating mobile apps but I was hesitating if I should drop $100 to renew my iOS Developer license. Then came iOS 10, which introduced sticker packs.

I thought it was ridiculous at first. Who the hell wanted to make sticker apps for iMessage? Out of curiosity, I started to do research on what it entails. Thankfully, the iOS developer website actually had an FAQ on the creation process and where to start. 

Pretty soon, I became intrigued with the idea of developing an app without coding, while focusing my time on designing the stickers. And guess what was my first sticker app on? My pet stuffed animal cow Betsy. 

My weekend project scope went like this:


  • Renewed my iOS Developer license. 
  • Designed the individual stickers on my iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro before transferring them to Adobe Photoshop for resizing. 
  • Set up the Xcode environment on my MacBook. 


  • Set up the app profile ID associated with the sticker pack. 
  • Acquiring a unique certification via the iOS developer panel to have it on my machine. 
  • Importing the graphics on Xcode and making sure that the icons were in individual sizes. 
  • Validating the package file. 
  • Uploaded the package file to my iOS developer account 


  • Adding details to the sections
  • QA'ing the app using my iPhone 7 and hubby's iPhone 6S
  • Take screenshots showcasing the app usage
  • Submitted it for approval to the App Store
  • Burned palo santo and prayed to Lakshmi for some good vibes. 

By Tuesday, I got a notification from the App Store that it was approved to be placed for sale via the vendor. I didn't pour any wine. Instead, I just did a silent happy dance, while watching my son wrecking havoc on his toys. 

So there you have it. If you're looking for some good resources on where to start, check out the links below. I'll also include my two sticker packs in case you wanna download them to your phone. Feedback is appreciated!

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