Tarot Spell To Channel Your Inner Vixen

Being a mother, it's often hard to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. There were days where I didn't look and feel my best while taking care of my son.  And yes, it's perfectly fine if your hair is a mess. Sometimes, I would read other responses from women that they don't either seem to have the time to look put together, not feeling all that "hot" about their current features, or just gave up entirely on how they look.

But honey, you deserve some "me time".  Because you need it. You can't help others if you're constantly running on an empty cup! Seriously, you need the break.  Whether if you're having an all girls night out or spending time with your partner, this spell will help fire up your confidence and beauty.  

Best time to perform this spell: waxing to full moon and on a Friday, since we'll be calling upon Freya to help us out in spicing up our beauty. 

You will need:

  • Queen of Wands (from a deck of your choice)
  • Red candle
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Your favorite chai tea
  • Favorite makeup items (i.e. mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.)


  1. Take out your red candle and cinnamon oil.  Anoint the candle with a drop or two of the cinnamon oil.  Light the candle in a safe area.
  2. With your favorite chai tea, brew a cup. Sweeten to taste, if desired. 
  3. While you're letting your tea cool down, pull out the Queen of Wands and your makeup items.  With the red candle burning, meditate on the Queen of Wands and imagine that she's your personal beauty coach.  Meditate on the image of the Queen styling your perfect makeup routine.  Touch your favorite makeup items and imagine fiery sparks of fire traveling from your fingertips to your personal items. 
  4. Take a sip or two of your chai tea. Feel the spices flowing in your veins as you start to feel a sense of warmth.  You may feel a bit aroused during this process.  
  5. Hold the Queen of Wands and look at yourself in the mirror.  Recite the following spell:

    O Freya, bless me with your love and beauty
    Let others see my passionate soul
    Let the warmth in my body move me
    I bring forth my personal possessions at play
    Help me provide my fierce self
    Provide the charisma and charm that is needed today

  6. Drink the rest of the chai tea and snuff out the candle. Apply your favorite makeup items.  Don't forget to have fun!

I hope you enjoy this tarot spell! Got any suggestions that you would like for me to create? Let me know in the comments!