3 Card Lenormand Reading

3 Card Lenormand Spread.png
3 Card Lenormand Spread.png

3 Card Lenormand Reading


3 card spread with one question. Deck used is our very own Amor Oscuro Lenormand. Email reading only. 

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued. 

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Instructions On How To Purchase Your Reading

  • After purchasing your reading of choice, please send an email to dchin@redlotusdesignz.com with proof of payment and your question.
  • In the email, please try to be as clear as possible when framing your question. Things like "Will I ever meet my soulmate?", "I need the exact timeline of this situation to occur" or "Will I win the lottery" will not be accepted. Lenormand is not meant to make predictions; rather it is a tool being used to help provide insight and clarity. If you're not sure what type of question to ask, you can try saying "What can I do to make improvements on my current life/situation/relationship." 
  • Once I receive your question, please allow up to 5 -7 days depending on the amount of clients booked. Your patience and time is appreciated!
  • Upon completion, we will send you your reading in a PDF document along with the snapshot of the cards via email.