Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for September 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

Hola my moo-tiful people! I hope that the previous month have treated you udderly well 🐮

My dear pet cow Betsy has been taking things easy. She also has a pen and notebook, ready for some schooling. Didn't realize there was a school for cows! For this month, I will be using the Sacred India Tarot by Yogi Impressions and our three oracle decks Sensory OracleNYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle and Persona Femina Oracle (you can purchase our decks here). 

Let us moo-ve into the reading! 


Overall View Of The Month

For the beginning of the month, we have the King of Arrows (Swords). Thanks to Mercury going Direct for the first week, expect to find yourself having an easier time communicating your ideas in an impartial manner. While you may have a good understanding of romance and what it's like to have emotions, be on the lookout for those who may try to use social manipulation in order to go after your reputation. Sometimes, it's best to go on the offensive when your integrity is on the line. 

For the middle of the month, we have Seven of Discs (Pentacles). This is a moment where success is there, but not just yet.  Patience is key and having faith knowing that what you have implemented will reap at its own time. To put in short - you can't rush a flower to grow overnight. Karmic reward is at its reach. For the time being, you'll need to sit tight and focus on strategizing new ways to keep on moving. 

For the end of the month, we have Justice. Whatever you were fighting (whether internally or externally) will meet its equilibrium.  There's a right moment of balance; "nothing in excess" as the saying goes. Considering that Pluto goes direct towards the end of the month, expect transformations of understanding morality and karma to come into play. 

Astrology Aspects For This Month

  • Mars in Virgo - 9/5
  • Mercury goes Direct - 9/5
  • Full Moon in Pisces - 9/6
  • Mercury in Virgo - 9/9
  • Pallas Rx - 9/11
  • Vesta in Libra - 9/18
  • Venus in Virgo - 9/19
  • New Moon in Virgo - 9/20
  • Sun Enters Libra - 9/22
  • Ceres in Leo - 9/24
  • Pluto goes Direct - 9/28
  • Mercury enters Libra - 9/29

Lessons From The Oracle

For the overall lesson, we have "Water", "Find Your Space", and "Embrace The Divine Feminine". This month will be a good time for reflection, space and the need to be in touch with our emotions. It's okay to express your level of sensitivity.  As the season is winding down, take a few moments for yourself to recalibrate your intentions. Considering the powerful energies we have faced sometime in August with two eclipses, things will unwind and settle once we approach this month at ease. 

I hope you enjoyed my monthly reading! What do you anticipate for the month of September to provide? Let me know in the comments 😃