International Tarot Day 2017 - Blog Hop Collaboration with Nym's Divination

I'm thrilled and honored to collaborate with Bree Ferguson from Nym's Divination in celebration of International Tarot Day (July 8, 2017).  For this year, I was asked to contribute my thoughts for The Lovers card. I hope you enjoy this post!

The Lovers - from our upcoming Tarot deck "Betsy Tarot"

The Lovers - from our upcoming Tarot deck "Betsy Tarot"

The Lovers is probably one of the most misunderstood tarot card in the Major Arcana. While the title itself is indicating pure romance, it goes beyond the surface. 

I am often reminded about my marriage with my husband. We share the good and the bad in terms of our partnership. What makes our marriage work (and it's no secret, really) is transparency. When we start understanding the Lover's card more objectively, the subject behind the imagery is communication. A sense of coming together. Even with a deity / spiritual entity / etc. looming in the background, it boils down to how far we're willing to meet in the middle.  

In terms of astrology, the Lover's card is represented by the zodiac sign Gemini.  Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is known for communication and quick thinking logical stances.  The public perception of the Lover's card is deemed as a saccharine image; the whole "I'll find my Prince / Princess and live happily ever after." What the Lovers card really is saying is this - "I want to be with him/her but they're far apart. Can I make it to the other side without tripping?"

My husband and I did meet in the middle, thanks to his brother (who is a Gemini). Our small marriage celebration and inviting my brother in law as the best man of our Christmas Eve wedding was a moment that I'll never forget. In many ways, my brother in law was the angel in the card - guiding us together but leaving enough room for my husband and I to figure out our paths before we sealed the deal. 

So the next time you encountered a Lovers card, think of the trials it took for both parties to go through before reaching a common ground. Their journeys may surprise you when reaching their happy ending.

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please see Sandra Gedds blog at Firerose Tarot for the next next amazing blog in the hop. Thank you for reading!