Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for July 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

Hola my moo-tiful people! I hope that the previous month have treated you udderly well 🐮

My dear pet cow Betsy decided to chill out in the backyard. The Cancer season made her feel pretty homely so she took her time picking out the cards.  For this month, I will be using the Sacred India Tarot by Yogi Impressions and our three oracle decks Sensory OracleNYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle and Persona Femina Oracle (you can purchase our decks here). Looking at the cards below, anticipate some emotional and transitional changes for the course of the month.

Let us moo-ve into the reading! 

Overall View Of The Month

For the beginning of the month, we have the Four of Discs (Pentacles). The subject of walking away and maintaining stability can be a hard balance to follow. Financially speaking, this can be a time of good investments and making sound business decisions. Relationships wise - it can be an indication that either you or your partner are in the midst of growing separately and trying to figure out how to compromise.  Even in platonic relationships, you might feel the need to step away for a moment to get your bearings straight before coming back with a fresh pair of eyes. 

For the middle of the month, we have the King of Staves(Wands). Creativity will be at its highest peak as you’ll be able to take on more opportunities for expansion and growth.  You may encounter an enigmatic person who might question your lifestyle. The King of Wands isn’t just charismatic - they’re bold, risk takers and are able to work around their limitations through plenty of influence. 

For the end of the month, we have the Ten of Arrows (Swords). Your ego may feel shot down due to drastic events. Additionally, this is forcing you to become humble and realize your actions. Perhaps it is a teachable moment that in your moment of suffering, unconsciously you’re letting others know the do’s and don’ts of your situation. The only way to get back is to rise up. At the same time, realize that shedding away your old ways will help bring forth new ideas and a better perspective.

Astrology Aspects For This Month

  • Chiron retrograde 7/1
  • Venus in Gemini 7/4
  • Mercury in Leo 7/5
  • Full Moon in Capricorn 7/9
  • Ceres in Cancer 7/10
  • Vesta in Virgo 7/17
  • Mars in Leo 7/20
  • Sun enters Leo 7/22
  • New Moon Leo 7/23
  • Mercury in Virgo 7/25
  • Venus in Cancer 7/31

Lessons From The Oracle

For the overall lesson, we have “Sword”, “Opportunities” and “Smiling Through The Pain”. Considering the parallels between the tarot reading and what the oracle cards are showing, it’s no surprise that you’ll need to focus on pushing past your blockages. In this moment and time, having a firm stand while breaking away from toxic situations will help clear away the old. It’ll take a lot of finesse and maneuvering.  You may feel that you need to cover up your emotions. Remember that it’s okay to let out a few tears. It’s your soul reminding you that you’re human.  Nevertheless, keep on fighting the good fight.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly reading! What do you anticipate for the month of July to provide? Let me know in the comments 😃