Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for June 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu

What does a zen cow say? Mu

Hola my moo-tiful people! I hope that the previous month have treated you udderly well 🐮

My dear pet cow Betsy decided that she wanted more variety and spice. She almost threw up the cards in the air for a sign. For this month, I will be using the Sacred India Tarot by Yogi Impressions and our three oracle decks Sensory Oracle, NYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle and Persona Femina Oracle (you can purchase our decks here). Looking at the cards below, anticipate some emotional and transitional changes for the course of the month.

Let us moo-ve into the reading! 

For the beginning of the month, we have Death.  There are different variations of the Death card in multiple decks. For the Sacred India Tarot, there are two versions of the Death card.  For this reading, it's represented as Kali Ma.  Not only she is a fierce warrior, but she is a catalyst in bringing out hope from a dire situation. That's not to say she's an easy goddess to work with. Still, the Death card promises that for the first portion of the month will be filled of massive changes. I get the sense that we’ll be looking towards on the aesthetics when making certain adjustments on our appearance, career and relationships.  Of course, what follows suit in the physical changes will result in a shift of our mentalities. You may adopt certain habits that weren’t there in the first place. The outcome of what occurs in the first portion will be geared towards a mature sense of understanding our livelihood.  

For the middle of the month, we have The Hanged Man. Represented as Trishanku (a king who wanted to be part of the heavens with his human body), we are forced to look back in our decisions and reflect on our choices. It may be seen as a karmic moment.  Sometimes, we can be so focused on wanting something bad without realizing the consequences of our actions.  I don’t necessarily feel there’s a sense of martyrdom for this middle portion of the month. However, I truly believe that we need to assess our own limitations in what we do with our lives. We may come into conflict of some illusions that were either established by others or within ourselves.  

For the end of the month, we have the King of Lotuses (Cups). Represented as Pradyumna (son of Krishna and father of Aniruddha), we see here that it matches up with the vibe as we enter Cancer season. The Lotuses suite is a representation of water, just like the element that is under the zodiac sign. At this point, we will be entering Summer Soltice. Romantically speaking, it can be a reminder on not becoming complacent when dealing with your partner. You may be inclined on being supportive, but don’t be surprised if you want to do so remotely. There’s no shame in conserving your energy for a greater purpose.

Astrology Aspects for June 2017

  • Mars in Cancer 6/4
  • Venus in Taurus 6/6
  • Mercury in Gemini 6/6
  • Jupiter direct 6/9
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/9
  • Neptune Rx 6/16
  • Sun in Cancer 6/21
  • Litha/Summer Solstice 6/21
  • Mercury in Cancer 6/21
  • New Moon In Cancer 6/23
  • Pallas in Taurus 6/26

Lessons from the Oracle

In retrospect for the month of June, we have "Flow", "You Are Not Alone" and "Emotional Procrastination." Since most of the aspects will be falling under Cancer, we do anticipate some emotional lessons in terms of control.  We may be faced with situations that no matter how thoughtfully planned out, some hidden variables will be made to light. That’s not to say we have to become indifferent. Rather, take a better understanding that our emotions can be easily controlled if we have the willpower and support from others. It’s always good to reach out to others who are in the same boat as you. Never keep it bottled inside. Take the time to let your feelings be known.  

I hope you enjoyed my monthly reading! What do you anticipate for the month of June to provide? Let me know in the comments 😃