New Moon in Gemini: Tarot Spell To Find A Supportive Tribe

Geminis usually have a bad reputation on being the sneakiest and dishonest group of the zodiac. Not quite so! Though they may exhibit the twins, that doesn’t mean they’re bad folks. My experience with Geminis have been great. Many of my mentors and friends fall under this whimsical sign. Geminis are known to be quick witted, social butterflies and intellectual.  They can provide an awesome conversation, thanks to their ruling planet in Mercury.

I will be using the Magician and the Lovers card for this spell. Both of them fall under the ruling planet of Mercury. Not to mention, the Lovers card is the zodiac association for Gemini. I think that for many of us, finding a supportive group (whether if it’s for mothers, craft makers, spiritual, etc.) can be difficult. And that’s because we want to feel accepted and not treated like the elephant in the room.  

If you’ve been struggling in finding a supportive group and feeling low in confidence, try out my spell under this phase. Keep in mind that things don’t work overnight. Stay positive, persistent and set your intentions to a higher vibration.

You will need

  • Magician and the Lovers cards (deck from your own choice)

  • Paper poppet

  • Art supplies (i.e. coloring pencils, markers, gems, strings, glue, etc.)

  • Jasmine Oil

  • One piece of jewelry (can be a ring, bracelet, earrings necklace, etc.)


  • Take a pair of scissors and cut the shape of a human poppet. It can be either small or large.

  • Using your art supplies, decorate your poppet. As you’re dressing up your creation, think of the ways you want to draw in on your supportive tribe. For example, you can draw hearts to indicate a loving group. Or you can write affirmations on what you’re looking for when finding your tribe. For example, you can say “My tribe is filled with joy and appreciation.” Get creative!

  • Once you’re done decorating your poppet, take the tarot cards. Place the cards on opposite ends, with the poppet in the middle.

  • Take some jasmine oil and rub it in your hands. With your piece of jewelry, cup it in your hands and let the jasmine oil infuse with your item.  Close your eyes and meditate. Imagine that you’re surrounded by a supportive tribe that you created.  Take note of your feelings - do you feel happy? Are you relaxed?

  • Once you feel relaxed, recite the following:

    I am social and free
    I attract those who complete me
    I now cast this spell on my charm
    With everything good and no harm


  • Keep the poppet at an area that is visible wherever you go.  You can choose to frame the poppet or keep it safe where it won’t be disturbed by others.  Whenever you’re attending a social group, be sure to wear your jewelry piece to help bring forth confidence when you meet others. Don’t forget to thank your spirit guides for assisting you!

    I hope you like this spell! Let me know what you think in the comments below.