Full Moon in Scorpio: Tarot Spell for Liberation

Artwork done on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Artwork done on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

I can count the many ways I love Scorpios. Some might say that I'm a glutton for punishment. All I know is that despite their secretiveness, their loyalty (if treated right) holds more bond than Super Glue. Yes, I may be biased (hubby is a Scorpio). But, I've been fortunate to have met Scorpio friends who took their zodiac placement with pride. 

If the New Moon is about unveiling the truth, the Full Moon is all about unrelenting release. A wave of emotions running high. And the intimate vibes? WAY high.  When we liberate ourselves from a toxic situation, we feel lighter, free and relaxed.  Our body goes through a reset and enters into a state of bliss.

What’s a better way on feeling that desire and pure bliss? Try eating an orange in the shower. Studies have shown that the act of eating an orange in the shower provides an unadulterated and carnal feeling; pulling the orange peels and letting it fall on the shower floor while you’re letting the juices run down from eating without shame. In a way, it’s like an orgasmic release for the mind, body and soul. Bonus points - your bathroom will smell like citrus. 

The tarot card association for Scorpio is none other than Death. When used properly, Death can provide so much clearing and transformation for him/her.

You Will Need:

  • Death card (deck of your choice)
  • White tea candle
  • One orange
  • Flowers of your choice


  • Take a shower (either in the morning or evening). Bring the Death card, tea candle and flower and place them on a counter top. Light up the tea candle.  Be sure that the card and the tea candle are at a safe area where it won’t tip over or spill.
  • Grab an orange. While you're in the shower, start peeling off the layers slowly. Feel the water running through your body as you're removing the skin from the orange. Think about the card Death. Imagine that you're face to face with the grim reaper. He/she observes you as you're letting your vunerability show. Listen to the words from Death. Are they telling you that you can move forward? Now imagine that Death is allowing you to enjoy your fruit. Bite into the orange slowly and take in the combination between warmth and cold.
  • Observe the fallen pieces of orange on the shower floor. Imagine that the orange peels are from the result of removing the stress and toxic.  Once you finish eating the orange, you can step out of the shower. 
  • Upon drying off, hold the flowers close to your heart. While staring at the Death card, recite the following:

    O Death, I open up myself to you
    Under the Full Moon
    I accept your embrace
    I hold these emotions to be true
    I release whatever is left of me
    Under this cycle
    A new path is now open
    I am no longer idle

  • Kiss the flowers and leave them next to the Death card. Let the tea candle burn to completion.  Be sure to thank your spirit guides for their assistance. 

I hope you enjoyed this spell! Let me know what you think.