Tarot Astrology Scopes for May 2017

Hola everyone! I've compiled up a short and sweet list containing the tarot astrology scopes. I am using the Crystal Visions Tarot Deck (pictured below).  The scopes below can be applied to the Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Enjoy!

Aries: King of Cups

You got the right amount of balance between your passion for others and your way of showing empathy to those who are loyal. Let them know that you're never too far away to lend them an ear.

Taurus: Ace of Cups (Reversed)

You may be starting a new relationship too hastily or having fears of being committed to someone due to pains from the past. This is a good opportunity to address those issues and mend any wounds. 

Gemini: Page of Swords

It's a battle of the wits as you have no trouble communicating your thoughts to others. However, be mindful that while the air can be turbulent, you'll need to remain calm and collected as much as possible. 

Cancer: Knight of Wands

You're quite the charmer this month! You'll be able to exhude a whole lotta love and passion to others in a seamless way. Just do your best not to try too hard, or else you'll face embarassment.

Leo: Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)

Your ego may be feeling wounded thanks to a misfortune that you might've encountered. Possible setbacks on a project or feeling disillusioned over the results. Take the time to find the root of the cause and nip it in the bud quickly. 

Virgo:  The Chariot (Reversed)

An erratic feeling of losing control may be on the horizon. Perhaps you are considering taking shortcuts towards your destination. Learn to ride slowly and not let greed get the best of you.

Libra: Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Your viewpoints may be tested by others, which can result in having disregard on anyone's opinions on the subject. Learn when to back off and not add fuel to the fire. 

Scorpio: Four of Wands

A sense of breaking free from opression. You're able to find a solid foundation where you can lean towards on a promising project. It's time to celebrate after being in a period of darkness. 

Sagittarius: The Fool (Reversed)

A reckless sense of behaviour. You may be feeling inclined to jump in full speed without thinking of the consequences. Take calculated risks without damaging your reputation. 

Capricorn: Page of Cups (Reversed)

You're having a hard time communicating your emotions. It could be stemmed from a businesslike personality that can make you seem more cold and detached. It's okay to let your walls go down.

Aquarius: Four of Swords (Reversed)

You're refusing to take a moment and rest. No matter how stubborn you may be in a situation, pay attention to the signs of stress and fatigue. Learn how to cope in an effective manner.

Pisces: Judgment (Reversed)

Karmic lessons may be going in full force for this month. There may be some loose ends that you haven't addressed and therefore, are paying the price for it.  Look for signs from the Universe as to what you can improve.