New Moon in Taurus: Tarot Spell for Wisdom

If there's one thing I love about books, it's the fact that you're able to learn something new.  Whether if you're in an academic setting or need a boost in your project endeavours, this tarot spell will help fine tune your learning ability.  The tarot card association for Taurus is The Hierophant. Mugwort will also help provide some clarity and lucid dreaming for new ideas and insight. 

You Will Need:

  • The Hierophant card (deck of your choice)
  • Stack of study books
  • Moonstone, sodalite or amethyst
  • Mugwort tea
  • Piece of paper and pen/pencil


  • Find a quiet area to place the items where it won't be disturbed.
  • Place the stack of books in front of you and the crystal of your choice on top. Lay out the Hierophant card facing you. Have a piece of paper and pencil/pen next to you.
  • Brew a cup of mugwort tea. Have the cup sitting next to you while contemplating about your situation. 
  • Meditate on The Hierophant card. What do you desire in learning? Are you hoping to manifest on some new skills? Maybe you're hoping to gain some clarity on a situation with a logical approach? With a piece of paper and pen/pencil, write out what are you hoping to accomplish in terms of your discovery. For example, "Learn how to program in a different language", "Learn how to speak Chinese", or "Learn how to negotiate with people in business settings".
  • Once you write out your intentions, bring the cup forth to your lips and recite the following:

    I drink from the knowledge
    That has been given to me
    Under the New Moon in Taurus
    I find the answers that I seek
    May The Hierophant
    Grant me this power
    So long as I live
    I shall prosper
    With no harm intended, so mote it be
    This spell is now complete

  • Drink the mugwort tea. Let the items stay in its space. Once the moon moves to the next zodiac, you may place them away. Be sure to give thanks to your spirit guides.

I hope you enjoyed this spell! Let me know what you think in the comments.