Tarot Astrology Scopes for April 2017

Hola everyone! I've compiled up a short and sweet list containing the tarot astrology scopes. I am using the Mystical Cats Tarot Deck (pictured below).  The scopes below can be applied to the Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Enjoy!

Aries: Four of Sea

You might be feeling that you lost your mojo. Perhaps you were seduced by an entertaining project or relationship and it went sour before your eyes. You can maintain the status quo by giving yourself that time for self reflection.

Taurus: Fire King

You have what it takes to be an extraordinary leader. You possess a magnetic charm that can smooth over the roughest of the bunch. Though a streak of stubborness may come up to the surface, there's nothing like relaxing over dinner after celebrating your accomplishments.

Gemini: Three of Sea

It's a perfect time to get together with friends and family. You're in the mood to have fun, so why not switch things a bit? All work and no play makes one a dull person.

Cancer: Ace of Fire

The start of a new creative venture is on the horizon.  You're willing to put something out there without hesitation. Be sure to have a plan of action before diving in.

Leo: Five of Sea (reversed)

You have gotten pass the point of procrastination and are willing to grab life by the horns.  Pay attention to the opportunities being presented to you. Now is the time to unleash your full potential.

Virgo:  Eight of Sea

It's time to let go and move on. No need to keep beating on a dead fish. There are much more opportunities to be presented than being part of a stagnant situation.

Libra: Good Kitty

Your social interactions have a karmic effect on others. Be mindful on what you say and do. Good intentions are rewarded.

Scorpio: Seven of Sea (reversed)

Trust your instincts. The bubbles of illusion have been popped in front of you. You are able to make clear and decisive decisions now that the truth has unfolded.

Sagittarius: Ace of Earth (reversed)

You may have felt some regret on a missed opportunity. Perhaps there's a sense of bruised confidence that prevented from taking the next step. Try to find the root of the cause before it spirials out of control. 

Capricorn: Six of Fire (reversed)

It's tempting to let the position of power go to your head. Respect that was given to you may be easily withdrawn. Others may feel envious of your accomplishments, so do your best to provide integrity.

Aquarius: The Emperor

Provide support to those who are in need. Your innovative ideas can surge the way to build a better foundation. A good time to set up firm boundaries. 

Pisces: Two of Earth (reversed)

Your resources may have been lost due to not being taken seriously. Try to find the root of the cause and bring balance back in order. Give special attention to the projects that you worked hard on.