Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for April 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu

What does a zen cow say? Mu

Hola! For those who have followed me on Modern Witchy Woman, you probably remembered that I would post up my weekly readings. I wanted to start off fresh here on Red Lotus Designz by introducing my Udderly Zen Monthly Intuitive Readings. It'll be a combination of tarot and oracle decks with a dose of cow humour. Why? Because Betsy wanted to provide the readings.

My Pillow Pet Cow, Betsy holding an old drawing of The Magician card. She was the inspiration behind my new logo design.

My Pillow Pet Cow, Betsy holding an old drawing of The Magician card. She was the inspiration behind my new logo design.

Yes, I'm still writing the readings. I'm just having my pet cow picking the cards for me. She is my familiar, after all...🐮

The month of April is going to be one heck of a doozy ride. Looking at the astrology calender, we have about four planets going into retrograde. Shocking, isn't it? As if paying our own bills isn't enough headaches already 😱 

Never fear - we'll take a look as to what the month will offer. Here are the cards that were pulled below. Since this is a general reading, you're more than welcome to share this post. I no longer offer private readings, but you can always donate to our website if you like to see more of these posts in the future.

Let us moo-ve into the reading! 

Top: Golden Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo Bottom: NYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle by Red Lotus Designz

Top: Golden Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo Bottom: NYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle by Red Lotus Designz

I was quite surprised when Betsy pulled out the three tarot cards for the month. To me, it's a rare instance when all of the cards are from the same suite.  Considering the general flow of four planets retrograding (including the notorious MERCURY), our logic and way of communication will be tested in all fronts.  The beginning portion of the month is represented by the Page of Swords. We see him as the brash kid who thinks he can put up a fight and holds a big sword. Honey, staring at the sword for this long won't make your ego any bigger. That's like saying you'll be an instant genius if you're sleeping next to a bag of text books. And I should know because that didn't work for me when I was in college 💁 

Let us examine the 3-in-1 punch when Venus Rx into Pisces (4/2), Saturn Rx into Sagittarius (4/6) and Mercury Rx in Taurus (4/9).  In a nutshell, we're being forced to slow down. Think of the cow tending to the pastures. Even though the Page of Swords wants to go forward and make rash decisions, the planets say otherwise.  For starters, Venus Rx in Pisces will be the focus on reexaming our relationships. You may be feeling a lot more sensitive during this portion.  And maybe a bit risky if someone were to ruin your day (i.e. plotting revenge). The Page of Swords is often associated with rash decision making. We can go above and beyond for the person we love.  However, with the planet in retrograding under Pisces, it's a time where we need to separate the fact from the fiction on who and what we dedicate our time. Not everything should be on the high priority list. Better yet - put yourself on the "to-do" list of self care. After the glass of milk is full, then you can go back to your normal schedule.

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius is reinforcing the idea on the mantra "Practice what you preach."  Saturn tends to be the task master and easily adopts to the "All work and no play" lifestyle. When you throw Sagittarius into the mix, it's more on the philosophical sense - "What do I achieve during the influx of work and not fulfilling my need to play?" And let us not forget the infamous Mercury Rx in Taurus.  With the Page of Swords wanting to be in a rush for every little thing, think of Mercury Rx in Taurus as that one cow who refuses to tip over. Really, leave the cow alone. As with every Mercury Rx - back up your files, take the time to review your contracts, don't make any huge commitments or start projects. What you can do is use the opportunity in triple-checking your setup. Under this zodiac placement, you'll have no choice but to do things at a slllooooowwwwwwwwwww pace. So you can tell the Page of Swords to sit at the bleachers and have a drink or two. Also, go grab some wine. You're gonna need it after that 3-in-1 punch.

The middle portion of the month is represented by the 9 of Swords. Oh for moo's sake, we get the picture. Anxiety, stress, panic...not having enough rest due to a tiny terrorist of a toddler (thanks, motherhood).  But enough about me - how are YOU feeling 😅? The 9 of Swords is often associated with nightmare plagues and keeping us up late at night. In terms of the astrology placements - we have the Full Moon in Libra (4/11), Venus stationing direct in Pisces (4/15), Sun entering Taurus (4/19), Pluto Rx in Capricorn and Mercury Rx in Aries (4/20).  

When pairing up the 9 of Swords to the Full Moon in Libra, it may sound like a social anxiety attack waiting to happen. No need to stress amiga. This is actually a good opportunity to find a support group if you've been experiencing some rough moments. Have the courage to manifest something better for yourself. For example, I've been grateful for the community of women and men who are part of the divination industry. I love their warm and witty comments that gives me a smile across my face.  With Venus stationing direct in Pisces, it's a good time to work with some   crafts to help streamline your emotions on a better path. Coloring books are very popular, so why not grab a copy? I highly recommend Theresa Reed's (a.k.a. The Tarot Lady) Tarot Coloring book, which you can purchase on Amazon.

Now let us talk about Pluto Rx in Capricorn. In general, Pluto is an unpredicable planet that can either make or break us.  While Mercury Rx in Aries will be serving as a focal point on making sure we don't have any fiery miscommunication, Pluto Rx in Capricorn is all about going inward. We're not talking about tangible things happening on the outside world. This is when you get REALLY deep within your subconsciousness. I find this to align more on the nightmarish aspect with the 9 of Swords. The question remains - will you stay in your own nightmare or are you going to use this opportunity to dissect the BS from what's happening in your waking life?

Finally, the remaining portion of the month will be represented as the Queen of Swords. Compared to other depictions from other decks, the Queen of Swords seems pretty tame in this version. Although, that doesn't mean she won't think twice on cutting off your head.  In terms of astrology, we have Mars entering Gemini (4/21), a New Moon in Taurus (4/26) and Venus enters Aries (4/28).  The ending part of the month seems a bit better. But, we still need to be mindful on working out our differences. 

With Mars entering Gemini and pairing it up with the Queen of Swords, do expect a LOT OF SHADE coming your way (or maybe you'll be the one delivering?).  We're talking about witty comebacks, a need to prove who has the best intelligent answer and showing off a brain bravado of sorts.  The Queen of Swords is VERY sharp tongued, so if you're aren't prepared to have your feelings hurt, you may want to sidestep away from her word ammunition.  Keep in mind that if you're the one delivering the snarky remarks, don't expect everyone to be on the same page as you. Save it for those who REALLY get your remarks (and won't clash at you on social media). 

The New Moon in Taurus and the Queen of Swords seems like a pretty odd combination. Similar to the Page of Swords and Mercury entering Taurus, the cow does not want to budge. The only difference is that we're focusing more on the aesthetic perspective. As a fellow Taurus woman (and this is my birthday month), I completly understand what it's like not to be keen on change.  The New Moon in Taurus and the Queen of Swords is about testing our conformity and seeing if we're willing to make changes on the way we present ourselves to the public. This can also be a good time to revisit traditions and seeing whether or not it'll serve us well in the long run. 

Ahh...Venus entering Aries and the Queen of Swords seems like a pretty decent pair. On one hand, you have the glamazon strutting her stuff in all things beauty and passion. On the other hand, the Queen of Swords is all about keeping things as complex as possible. So why not combine the both? I think it is fair to say that the Queen of Swords can exhude a "Wonder Woman" moment when getting stuff done. It's an high octane energy that deserves to be recognised in the closing of the month. You can safely say that the ending will go off with a bang.

Lessons from the Oracle

On a lighter perspective, we have the cards "Wanderlust", "Life is Colourful" and "Escape." In my mind, the month of April serves as a great time to explore options relating to our living situations, career, and relationships.  Part of the concept in retrograding planets is all about revisiting past moments. That's not to say we're living in the past (although that can cause quite a problem if we're not moving from a sticky situation).  Feelings of trying something new, breaking out of your comfort zone and living life to the fullest are the revolving themes for this month.  April is a month where you don't want to leave things at the last minute. But it can be a good time to start planning ahead and preparing for a better future. It may feel like you're walking on egg shells, considering the four planets in retrograde. But, that doesn't mean we'll need to stay indoors and avoid heartache. Sometimes, you need to experience a bit of pain to fully understand what you really want out of in life. That is what the oracle cards are entailing - to go out there and do something fun in the midst of craziness.  Be bold for change and don't limit yourself as to what you can do. 

I hope you enjoyed this month's reading! Feel free to comment below with your thoughts for April.