"We Don't Talk Anymore" Tarot Spread

We don't talk anymore....we don't talk anymore....we don't talk anymore like we used to...

If there's one thing I like to admit, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez have a great vocal chemistry when it comes to this song.  While I was listening to this song, I started to visualize a "music video" in my head. Actually, the star of the "music video" in my head was this tarot card spread. I think the song is a perfect example of getting to know the client's perspectives on what went wrong with the relationship.  Both of the singers have an assumption that either one of them has moved on and found someone new.  Yet, they're harboring a sense of guilt that they wish they knew the person better.  You can use this spread if you ever encounter your best friend crying and spilling the tea on what happened with their relationship.

Let's pretend that Charlie Puth is the one contacting us today! So here's how the spread is broken down:

Card 1: The client's perspective on why they're not together. For this example, this is represented as the Three of Pentacles. In this case, we can probably let Charlie know that there might've been an issue in working together as a team due to some differences in their methods.   

Card 2: An insight of the client's partner view as to why they're not together.  For this example, we're looking at the Strength card.  In this case, we can probably guess that Selena felt that she had tolerated a lot of abuse (most likely emotional) during the relationship and at some point, wanted to gracefully end the communication without feeling attacked.  

Card 3: The obstacles that both might have faced. For this example, we're looking at the Page of Swords.  So, it looks like Charlie and Selena might have rushed together with a lot of idealistic views on their relationship. Perhaps there was a lot of hype and excitement on what either one wanted to bring forth on the relationship. But at some point, either one or both of them realized the truth of each other's intentions.  

Card 4: Will either one of them talk again? For this example, the Two of Swords come up in the reading.  We can safely assume that it'll be a while for the both of them to talk with each other. There's too many blocked emotions and a stalemate. The only way either one of them reaches out is if Charlie or Selena breaks the ice. 

I hope you enjoyed this fun tarot spread!