Tarot Spell on Healing Strained Relationships

Hello lovelies! This tarot spell was created in collaboration with my lovely friend SG Sommers. She specializes in natural magic, root work and divination readings.  If you're interested in having some spell work done, she's your gal! You can check out her shop at  https://www.fiverr.com/frindle

As living beings, we often encounter others who share our beliefs, stories and good moments that helps us strengthen the bond of our relationships.  But sometimes, there are others who don't have the luxury of maintaining a stable relationship.  Whether the relationships are parental or with friends, some may have a hard time tying up loose ends. It could also stem from bitter feelings based on how one view another.

You’ll notice that we utilized court cards for this spell. A majority of the time, whenever a court card comes into play during a reading, it often symbolizes the personalities of someone that we are associated with. For example, you may see your mother as the Queen of Swords - a personality that can be viewed as shrewd, no nonsense and somewhat cold.  Or you may see your best friend as the Knight of Pentacles -  someone who doesn’t take risks in his investments.  

The purpose of the spell is not to provide instantaneous results; rather it’s a form of ritual that can help someone who needs to have a better understanding as to why the strained relationship exists in the first place. SG and I took into consideration that there are others who need a moment of self care while overcoming this situation.  

The spell is usually best done on a Friday or Saturday, while the moon is in waxing to full moon phase. Ideally, the length of time needed to see progress or changes is within 28 - 30 days.  Depending on how dire your circumstances are,  you can repeat this spell if needed by the next full moon.

You will need:

  • Small green candle, preferably a tea light.  
  • Four rose quartz tumbled stones.
  • Flower seeds of your choice and a pot with dirt.
  • Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petals and Peppermint herbs.
  • Small sachet bag (to store the herbs).
  • Pen and paper.
  • Court card representing the significator in your life (tarot deck of your choice).


  • Bring the materials to a safe area. If you have access to your backyard and can perform the spell under the waxing to full moon phase, then that would be an added bonus.
  • Light the tea light. Place the herbs surrounding the candle. Arrange the rose quartz crystals on the four corners, creating a square that is encapsulating the candle.  You can view the setup in the below picture to serve as a guide on how to arrange your spell.  The green candle and the rose quartz stones are representative of the heart chakra since we’re delving into the emotional factor of the relationship. Rosemary, lavender, rose petals and peppermint helps with protection, peace, love and communication.
Picture courtesy of SG Sommers.

Picture courtesy of SG Sommers.


  • Bring the tarot card of your choice, pen and paper. Place them next to the seeds and pot of dirt. For the picture below, SG planted Calendula (true Marigold) in conjunction with the Queen of Swords card for the person of intent.
  • Meditate on the intention for the outcome of your strained relationship. Think of how you would like to present your thoughts in a clear manner. Write out a small letter to the person that you wish to have the relationship healed. It doesn’t have to be a long letter. Simple and short sentences will suffice.
  • When you feel calm and ready, start planting the seeds in the pot.  As you’re doing so, recite the following incantation: 

    Our distance too long
    Words let go unbound
    The past is barren ground
    I plant this future harvest
    Tended with healing hands
    The sands have shifted
    Now renewed fertile land

  • Snuff out the candle.  Take the herbs that have been laid out and place them inside the sachet  bag.  Place the court card inside the bag. This is a charm that you’ll create to carry with you whenever you’re encountering the person that you’re trying to mend the relationship with.
  • During the healing process, be sure to take care of your plant by giving enough water, sunlight and lots of love. It also helps to talk with your plant so this way it’ll be accustomed to your presence.

I hope you enjoyed this spell! I want to thank SG Sommers once again for being super helpful in providing her knowledge on the different types of herbs and for taking the picture of the lovely space.