Tarot Spell for Gaining Opportunities

Lets be real honest - finding ways to gain abundance is a lot of hard work. Especially if you're a soulpreneur who just got started with your brand new spiritual business.  It's no easy feat when trying to network with others.  Or how about finding a new job when you were recently laid off?  In this day and age, we can all use a bit of magic to give ourselves a bit of a boost.  

The Ace of Pentacles serves as a fresh start to a new beginning. It can also provide a helping hand for those who need the extra push in their job search or looking for creative opportunities into entrepreneurship. Combine with green aventurine and citrine's ability to manifest abundance and overcome depression, you got yourself a pretty solid powerhouse.

Just a side note - this is not a "quick money" or "get rich easily" spell! You are expected to put in the hard work when going with the hustle and flow. 

Best time to perform the spell: 

  • Waxing to Full Moon
  • Any day but Friday

You will need:

  • One green candle (preferably a votive candle if you're planning to burn it for an extended amount of time)
  • Three citrine crystals and one green aventurine crystal( I purchased mines from the lovely Melissa Serene at Serenity Oracle)
  • Ace of Pentacles card (deck of your own choice)
Here is my setup of the tarot spell. Card is from Witches Tarot Deck by Llewellyn 

Here is my setup of the tarot spell. Card is from Witches Tarot Deck by Llewellyn 


  1. Find a safe area to leave the crystal grid and candle since you will be burning it for a while.  If you have kids and/or pets, be sure to leave the candle and crystal grid in a table that's won't be accessible. You can also try leaving the placement in your backyard, assuming if the weather condition isn't windy.  Use your own discretion as to where you place your spell work.
  2. Align the candle in the middle  and place the citrine and green aventurine crystals on all four corners.
  3. Place the Ace of Pentacles card in front of the candle.
  4. Light up the candle. As the candle is burning, visualize the Ace of Pentacles. Think about what opportunities you want to manifest. For example, a way of finding a new job, creating a project, saving up financially, etc. 
  5. Once you feel comfortable, recite the following spell:

    As Above, So Below
    Lady Fortuna, help my abundance flow
    With no harm, so mote it be
    This tarot spell is now complete

  6. Let the candle burn as long as you can in a safe area. Thank the Goddess for her assistance.

I hope you enjoyed this simple spell! Let me know what you think in the comments :)