Tarot Illuminati Deck Review

I discovered the Tarot Illuminati deck from Kate Wolff, who is an awesome comedian that also does tarot readings. I met her at the V Spot Comedy Club while having dinner with my friends and my husband. I think fate played a part when she started mentioning about tarot cards and immediately, I pulled out my deck and waved it in the audience.  She was shocked and actually thought it was great that another fellow reader came to stop by! After the show, I spoke to her briefly and she mentioned that her preferred choice on doing the readings were this deck.  I took a chance and decided to order this deck.  Upon receiving it, I felt this massive amount of energy when I started to unbox.  It felt very...surreal.  

To begin with, the deck is gorgeously made and the imagery is chock fulled of symbolism.  The paper stock is a bit heavy, but I'm able to shuffle the cards with ease. The gold trimming on the sides makes the packaging pretty lux.  In terms of performing readings, I felt that it provided really great and straight to the point messages.  Working on this deck reminds me of my late grandmother who passed away many years ago.  Somehow, I feel that part of her no-nonsense essence was embedded in this deck.  If you're starting off your tarot journey and are looking for an easy to use deck without any sugar coating, I highly recommend this one. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars