New Moon in Virgo: Tarot Spell for Reflection and Balance

The New Moon in Virgo can help us analyze what we need in our lives and what does not serve us.  For this tarot spell, we will be working with the Hermit card (since he is associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo).

You will need:

  • One votive black candle
  • Piece of paper and pencil
  • Four tumbled moonstone tourmaline (I purchased them from my wonderful friend Melissa at Serenity Oracle)
  • Hermit card (deck of your choice)


  1. Arrange the candle in the middle along with the tumbled crystals in all four corners. This represents your inner compass. The moonstone tourmaline pieces will help ground and bring balance for your intention. 
  2. Light the candle. While it's burning, take a piece of paper and write down a list of factors that you want removed in your life. For example, you can say "Fear of abundance, Fear of not having enough confidence". 
  3. Take the Hermit card and place him next to the candle.  Meditate on the image of the card. Visualize yourself in his shoes. What are you trying to bring light upon? What situation do you need clarity? 
  4. Once you feel comfortable, take the piece of paper with your list and burn it. Visualize the negative energies whisking away into the darkness. Make sure that you have a safe place to burn the paper. If you happen to have a mini cauldron nearby, you can let the paper disintegrate into ashes. 
  5. Recite the following spell with the Hermit card in place:

    Goddess Hecate, with all your might
    Lend me your power and sight
    Help me see past the obstacles
    Make my intentions honorable
    As I will it, so mote it be

  6. Leave the candle burning along with the crystal grid and Hermit card for as long as possible.  Be sure to throw the ashes in the wind and give thanks to the Goddess.