New Moon in Libra: Tarot Spell for Improving Communication

As we are in the shadow phase of the moon, it's a good time on reflecting how well we handle our relationships with others. Sometimes, our words can get lost in translation when we're trying to speak our minds. Maybe there's a feeling on not being gifted to speak poetically during negotiations. Often times, when we try to prove our point, we end up losing track during our train of thought. Believe me, I've had moments where I am unable to find the right words, especially when I'm giving a reading. 

For this spell, we will have our two power players - The Justice card and sodalite. 

The zodiac association for The Justice card is Libra. Not surprisingly, both the zodiac and the tarot card exhibits the weight of scales. Both are committed to seeking the truth and making relationships as leveled as possible. 

Speaking of truth, sodalite is integrated in this spell as it enhances the throat chakra for better communication and logic. Sodalite was also known as the stone of learning and “The Poet's Stone”. Utilizing sodalite can help bring situations in a more honest outlook. 

You Will Need:

  • 1 piece of sodalite and two pieces of clear quartz (to amplify the energy). You can purchase them from my good friend Melissa Serene at
  • Justice card (deck of your choice)


  • Find a quiet area where you can set up your spell. If you feel inclined to perform this spell outside, you're more than welcome to do so.
  • Arrange the crystal grid and The Justice card (as shown below).


  • Once they're set up, allow yourself to clear your thoughts. Empty away any negative attachments that you might be facing. Focus on The Justice card while rubbing the stones gently. Imagine that you're facing a judge and is about to give you a verdict on your current life. Do you see a “guilty” or “not guilty” decision? If there are any feelings of guilt regarding your relationships, ask the judge on what can be improved. Allow your spirit guides to provide you with an answer on keeping the scales balanced.
  • Once you feel calm and ready, recite the following incantation:

    I see my verdict and it stands
    Let my voice provide command
    Help keep the scales balanced
    There is no room for malice
    May my reasoning not go astray
    For a better tomorrow, this starts today
  • Leave the crystal grid and tarot card during its moon phase in Libra. Once the moon shifts to the next sign, you can remove them in your area. 

I hope you enjoyed this spell! Sending you magical vibes under the New Moon.