New Moon in Capricorn: Tarot Spell to Set Goals

Capricorns are the eldest of the Earth zodiac counterparts (Taurus and Virgo). Not only they are tenacious, but their practicality and willpower to maintain structure is unbeatable. I've known many friends who are Capricorns and they are amazing in what they do. Not to mention, they are so gifted in the art of writing! Just make sure to mind your grammar or else they will school you on the proper verbiage 😉

If you're having trouble manifesting some goals, here is a simple spell that can give you a boost. We will be using The World card as this is associated with Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn). The clear quartz crystal will be used to amplify our intentions.

You Will Need:

  • The World card (deck of your choice)
  • Planner or notebook
  • Clear quartz crystal


  • Take The World card, planner or notebook and a clear quartz crystal to your office space or wherever you normally do your meetings, intensive thinking or project work. 
  • With your planner or notebook, open a blank page and place The World card on top. From there, take your clear quartz crystal and place it above the card. 
  • Take note of the imagery and elements surrounding the card. Visualise your intentions on what you want to accomplish. Feel the weight of the card circling around your mind, as if you're being transported to a journey on your destination. 
  • With a pen or pencil, write what you would like to accomplish within the desired time frame. For example, you could say "I set my intention to read ten books before summer begins." Make sure to write the goals below the tarot card. Try to keep the written goals within the same page. Be concise with your intentions. 
  • Once they are written, recite the following:  For what is written, I shall abide / By the power of the new moon, I will confide / I seek the will power to manifest for what is good / Bring forth the change, help me renew
  • Leave the items undisturbed. Once the moon goes to the next zodiac cycle, be sure to remove the items. Place the planner or notebook in a safe place and remember to revisit them to keep track of your progress. Be sure to thank your spirit guides ❤️

I hope you enjoyed this spell! Let me know what you think in the comments 😘