New Moon in Aquarius: Tarot Spell to Cleanse Your Chakras

Ahh Aquarius...the thrill seekers, the revolutionaries and the thinkers of the zodiac.  I've met a few folks under this sign who are wonderful humanitarians.  They also have an uncanny sense of wisdom that's sure to leave a lasting impact.  Under the New Moon in Aquarius, we'll be focusing on cleansing our chakras.  The zodiac association for Aquarius is the Star. In most depictions of the card, you'll see a naked woman pouring water next to seven stars.  The stars represent the seven chakra points in our body. 

If you've been feeling muddy or need some improvement with the seven sacred points, my tarot spell will help get the wheels rolling. 

You Will Need:

  • One Star card (deck of your choice)
  • Clear quartz to represent Crown chakra
  • Amethyst to represent Third Eye chakra
  • Lapis lazuli to represent the Throat chakra
  • Rose quartz to represent the Heart chakra
  • Golden eye tiger to represent the Solar Plexus chakra
  • Carnelian to represent the Sacral chakra
  • Red jasper to represent the Root chakra
  • A small bowl
  • ea salt


  • Assemble the items below  in a safe area where your tarot spell won't be disturbed.  For the chakra crystals, I bought mines at Healing Crystals.  You can view the listing here.  


  • Place the sea salt inside your bowl and recite the following:

    By the power of the earth
    May my intentions be pure
    Bless this sacred space
    So that I may endure
  • Take a few moments to meditate and focus inward on your seven points in your body. Are you experiencing any blockages? Do you feel that your chakras may need improvement? Imagine the white light from the Star card pouring into the individual chakras. Let the white light fill in slowly from the bottom to the top.  Now imagine all of your seven chakras moving with synchronicity.  
  • Once you feel calm and ready, recite the following spell:

    In darkness, there will be light
    For the Star has shone upon her might
    May my sacred points move forward
    Let my ambitions haste and not lowered
    So mote it be
  • Leave the items during the New Moon in Aquarius. Once the moon moves to the next sign, you may remove them.  Be sure to thank your spirit guides for their assistance.

hope you enjoyed this spell! Let me know what you think in the comments.