Multicultural Magic: Meet Dee Fells

What is your name? Do you go by any aliases?

My legal name is DeAndra Stevens. I most often go by Dee as a nickname, and online my business is run under the pseudonym of Dee Fells.

 What is your cultural background? 

Southern Black. With just a little more Southern Black sprinkled in for good measure. Lol. But my family is American.

Where are you currently living?

I currently reside in Richmond, VA

What type of divination and/or magic that you practice?

I am a tarot and energy reader who also practices pendulum dowsing and dream divination.

When did you first starting learning divination and/or magic? 

Actively learning? Around 25. I didn’t start practicing until 2 years later at age 27. Passive learning started at about age 5.

What obstacles did you face when you started practicing your divination and/or magic? How did it affect your cultural beliefs? 

Trying to figure out where I “got it” lol. I just knew that there had to be a source of all of this… “stuff” built up inside of me. I like answers. On one side of my family, 6 of my aunts and uncles are ordained ministers. Three have their own churches. It’s been… interesting to come out of the closet due to such heavy beliefs on their end—their confusion on what I do is something that I don’t like to explain. I’m also still a practicing Christian—Baptist, to be exact, so it’s difficult for others to understand how I can read tarot and still be a believing Christian It hasn’t affected my beliefs at all. Being Black and with a family in the church that heavily comes with its own difficulties in terms of acceptance, so that’s something that I kind of struggled with. 

How do you bridge your cultural beliefs with the usage of divination and/or magic?

If anything, reading tarot has opened my eyes a bit more to my beliefs and how it is, in many ways, laymen interpretation of the messages that God has been sending me. Almost like a translator, if you will. Dream divination as well—it helps to decipher those messages that I feel as though I receive out of order as a human. Dreams have been a messenger for not only myself, but my late grandmother, my father, and my brother as well. 
Being a Black American in general though, ESPECIALLY from VA… there are some things that we just don’t fuck with. LOL. Divination & magic are two of those things. But we have a million superstitions which, quiet as its kept, are all magical in their own right. So really… me and all of my “woo woo” is really at home, little do all of my folks know.

Do you have a website? 

Yes! I’m over at

What are your social media handles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?

FB, I only bother with on a personal level. 
Twitter - @ _deefells
IG – @deefells