Multicultural Magic: Meet ChristoPagan Kim

What is your name? Do you go by any aliases?

My name is Kimberly McAfee, and I go by “ChristoPagan Kim” on my blog, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

What is your cultural background?

Do you have an hour?  Just kidding!  But I do have a unique and varied ethnic background.  I recently did one of the DNA tests to determine ancestry, and I was really taken aback by the results.  My largest ethnic groups are East Asian – no big surprise there – and Scandinavian – which was a super mega surprise.  I also have ancestry from various European countries, Caucasus and the Pacific Islands.  

Where are you currently living?

I live in Georgia, the Peach State!  

What type of divination and/ or magic that you practice?

As far as divination, I use Tarot and have been beginning to work more with Astrology. As far as magic, I am most inspired by Appalachian Folk Magic, Southern Rootwork and Muism (Korean Shamanism), which is reflective of my ethnic/cultural background and experiences.  My magical workings are definitely influenced by these disciplines, though I also work with my intuition extensively.   

When did you first starting learning your divination and/or magic? 

Interestingly enough, I was practicing magical principles prior to knowing they had a name; I thought they were just quirky little things that I did.  For example, I have practiced sympathetic magic and reiki-type energy work for years.  It was only within the past few years that I learned my “quirky things” actually had names and were legitimate spiritual practices.  As I started learning more, I felt like I had found my home in the realization that I am a Witch.  

What obstacles did you face when you started practicing your divination and/or magic? How did it affect your cultural beliefs?

A lot of my obstacles were similar to those of others on the Witchy/Pagan path, e.g. coming to terms with my beliefs, telling others, etc.  

A particular obstacle for me is finding others who are interested in Muism.  It’s great to read books, websites, etc. on these subjects, but it’s an entirely different thing to have a friend you can “talk shop” with.  

How do you bridge your cultural beliefs with the usage of divination and/or magic?

In some ways, I believe my cultural diversity gives me an advantage being on a blended path.  I grew up living with two distinct cultures – American and Korean – which created a unique hybrid all its own.  I believe that experience and living abroad (I lived in Germany for several years when I was younger) has given me the ability to bridge the gap between differing ideas with ease.  It also has given me the ability to look at things at the macro level, and be more cognizant of what we share as human beings versus what separates us – which in actuality, is relatively minor.  Divination and magic exist across cultural boundaries, though there may be differences on how they’re executed, how accepted they are, etc.  

Do you have a website? 

I sure do!  I have a blog titled, “Christopagan Kim: Discussing ChristoPaganism, Spirituality & more!” and I have a Zazzle store where I sell my art.  I also do Youtube videos, also under the name “ChristoPagan Kim” on my personal channel, in addition to a collaborative channel called “The Biophilic Alternative.”  Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!

What are your social media handles (I.e.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?

My blog: 
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