Full Moon in Pisces: Tarot Spell to Increase Your Intuition

In my experience, next to a Scorpio...I would definitely say that for those born under the Pisces Sun is really intuitive. As in, they know the stuff waaaay before anyone else does. My aunt is a Pisces and she still amazes me every day with her ability.

I think all of us can agree that the Full Moon in Pisces will be a great time to delve right into the subconscious. So, it's no surprise that the tarot card counterpart for Pisces is The Moon! We often gaze upon her beauty and relish in the wonders of this mysterious planet.  

Hecate will be our matron that we will call upon as she is represented as the goddess of magic, the moon, witchcraft and the night.  For this spell,  we will be using seer stones (I purchased mines from the lovely Melissa Serene at Serenity Oracle).   Seer stones are clear quartz crystals that are naturally created by the river. It's often used for meditative purposes, as well as helping explore past memories and foreseeing the future.  There are different types of seer stones. The ones I've received aside from the clear quartz kind are amethyst and rose quartz.  For the purpose of this spell, you can adjust which type of seer stones you want to use as you deem fit.  In my case, I wanted to use a combination of those type of seer stones to amplify my intuition as well as help bring heart to the matter during my meditative state.

You will need:

  • Four seer stones
  • Moon card (deck of your choice)


  1. Place the Moon card and the four seer stones in all corners. You can look at the picture below that I took to see the crystal grid. If you can place them under the full moon, that will be even better.  If the moon isn't on your sight, you can always visualize her presence.
  2. Rest comfortably and meditate on the imagery of the Moon card. Touch each of the seer stones gently. Feel the energy from the goddess Hecate as she leans over to guide your hands to receive the information through the stones.
  3. Once you're in a meditative state, recite the following:

    Hecate with all your might
    Lend me your power and sight
    I offer these stones to you
    Under the beauty of the full moon
    As I will it, so mote it be
    This tarot spell is now complete

  4. You can leave the tarot card and crystal grid as is during the duration where the moon is in Pisces somewhere safe.  Once the moon passes over to the next zodiac sign, you can remove them. Thank the goddess for her assistance. 
Card is from The Witches Tarot Deck

Card is from The Witches Tarot Deck

I hope you enjoyed this simple spell! Wishing everyone a happy Full Moon and sending you magical vibes :)