Full Moon in Gemini: Tarot Spell for Better Communication With Your Partner

Have you been feeling stuck with your current relationship? Or have you been feeling like you're walking on egg shells with your mate? Sometimes, we do hit a snag in our relationships that may often cause confusion.  Other times, we are too afraid to express how we truly feel without getting our heads bitten off.  We will be using the Lovers Card as this is the zodiac representation of Gemini.  

You will need:

  • Lovers card from any tarot deck of your choice
  • Two small pink candles
  • Pink himalyan salt


  1. With the two candles in your possession, carve your name on one candle and your partner's name in the other candle.
  2. Set the candles on opposite end and place the Lovers card in the middle.  Create a circle around the setup using pink himalyan salt.  While doing so, recite the following:
    With this circle cast
    May the bond be sealed
    From the heavens above
    Let the truth be revealed
  3. As you light up both candles, visualize yourself and your mate within the imagery of the card.  As you meditate, try to imagine yourself walking over to your mate in the middle of the picture.  What do you see? Can you make out the expressions on your partner's face and mood?  Now try to visualize holding his/her hand.  Did they pull away or not? At this point, visualize you and your mate becoming one in unity.  How do you feel? Is there a sense of warmth emanating? Remember the happy moments when you first got together and the joyful moments that you created together.
  4. Once you have your visualization in place, recite the following spell:
    My dear beloved, so far apart
    Help me understand your needs and wants
    Let us unite once more
    Message me clearly today and forevermore
  5. Let the candles burn to completion.  Be sure to thank your spirit guides.  Carry the Lovers card with you for the next seven days while you're with your partner.  During that time, notice any changes in his/her mood. 

I hope you enjoyed this spell! Let me know what you think in the comments.