Change Is Good - Moving Away From Modern Witchy Woman And Coming Back Home

Change is good. And then change brings you back home. 

For the past two years, I've been fortunate to have tested out the waters with Modern Witchy Woman (previously Diamond Moonflower). Suffice to say, I'm glad that I took the risk. And I'm forever thankful to those whom I've provided the readings. Thank you for giving me a chance. 

However, it's time to hang up my services as a tarot reader and instead focus on the design and blogging end. I will be in the process of porting over the articles from MWW to my Red Lotus Designz. It'll still be called MWW, just on the writing end. You'll still see my articles on tarot spells, spreads and witchy things. Just on my design site. I want to focus on content, not selling my tarot services. 

You'll notice that there are some articles that I copied over with the same date. That's because Weebly didn't allow an export feature, so I had to do it manually >_<

As far as my daily card prompts, I'll post them on my personal social media profiles. I love to provide encouragement and my hope is to provide inspiration when times are tough. 

Most likely, I will be keeping the domain. However, the social media accounts related to it will be disabled. 

To me, Red Lotus Designz equates growth. It holds a sentimental value for me as this is what Ron and I founded back in 2011. It went through many evolutions. And this one will be bigger than that.  

I will expand on my shop to offer not just selling the art prints and apparel, but also my decks and offer design & promotional services to those who need help with their branding and websites. 

Thank you to everyone who believed in this witch. You're the real MVP