Full Moon in Capricorn: Tarot Spell to Resist Temptation

In light of the Full Moon in Capricorn, temptations will arise. Toxic habits, relationships and situations will be in full force.  There are others who will play the Devil's advocate. Only the truth will surface one way or another.  While the above statement may sound dramatic, it's as clear as day as we are under the influence of this zodiac sign. Without a doubt, the tarot card association for Capricorn is the Devil. If you're looking to cut the cords and move on with ease, check out my tarot spell below. 

You will need:

  • The Devil card (deck of your choice)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Black strings
  • One red and one black candle
  • Picture or object representing the temptation/toxic influence


  • Using the item placements as a guide based on the drawing, Place the red and black candles in opposite directions. Have the picture or object in the middle of the candles. Place the Devil card at the bottom of the picture/object. 
  • With one hand, create a loop between your fingers with the string. 
  • While holding a pair of scissors on the other hand, recite the following:

    Under the Full Moon
    I will release
    All of the negative habits
    For this, I do preach. 
    No longer will I bind myself
    In an endless loop
    I cut the cords
    Here is my proof. 

  • Snip the string with the scissors in half. Pass the broken strings onto the candle flames and let them burn in a fireproof bowl. 
  • Recite the following:

    What's done is done
    I am free from the chains
    I will no longer run
    Away from the pain. 

  • Snuff out the candles. Be sure to thank your spirit guides for their assistance. 

I hope you enjoyed this tarot spell. Let me know what you think in the comments!


International Tarot Day 2017 - Blog Hop Collaboration with Nym's Divination

I'm thrilled and honored to collaborate with Bree Ferguson from Nym's Divination in celebration of International Tarot Day (July 8, 2017).  For this year, I was asked to contribute my thoughts for The Lovers card. I hope you enjoy this post!

The Lovers - from our upcoming Tarot deck "Betsy Tarot"

The Lovers - from our upcoming Tarot deck "Betsy Tarot"

The Lovers is probably one of the most misunderstood tarot card in the Major Arcana. While the title itself is indicating pure romance, it goes beyond the surface. 

I am often reminded about my marriage with my husband. We share the good and the bad in terms of our partnership. What makes our marriage work (and it's no secret, really) is transparency. When we start understanding the Lover's card more objectively, the subject behind the imagery is communication. A sense of coming together. Even with a deity / spiritual entity / etc. looming in the background, it boils down to how far we're willing to meet in the middle.  

In terms of astrology, the Lover's card is represented by the zodiac sign Gemini.  Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is known for communication and quick thinking logical stances.  The public perception of the Lover's card is deemed as a saccharine image; the whole "I'll find my Prince / Princess and live happily ever after." What the Lovers card really is saying is this - "I want to be with him/her but they're far apart. Can I make it to the other side without tripping?"

My husband and I did meet in the middle, thanks to his brother (who is a Gemini). Our small marriage celebration and inviting my brother in law as the best man of our Christmas Eve wedding was a moment that I'll never forget. In many ways, my brother in law was the angel in the card - guiding us together but leaving enough room for my husband and I to figure out our paths before we sealed the deal. 

So the next time you encountered a Lovers card, think of the trials it took for both parties to go through before reaching a common ground. Their journeys may surprise you when reaching their happy ending.

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please see Sandra Gedds blog at Firerose Tarot for the next next amazing blog in the hop. Thank you for reading! 

Tarot Astrology Scopes for July 2017

Hola everyone! I've compiled up a short and sweet list containing the tarot astrology scopes. I am using the Everyday Witch Tarot (pictures below).  The scopes below can be applied to the Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Enjoy!

Aries: Eight of Pentacles - It's a great time to showcase your accomplishments! Use that time to polish up your skills and don't be afraid to broadcast your services. 

Taurus: Five of Pentacles - There's hope at the end of the road.  Seek counsel and a place of security from dealing a troublesome situation. 

Gemini: Nine of Wands - If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Don't lose hope on perfecting your craft. 

Cancer:  Three of Pentacles - Others will take notice on your efforts. Your way of doing things can be different, compared to what others were indoctrinated on accomplishing certain tasks.

Leo: Four of Swords - It's time to take a mental break. You have a lot of good ideas running in your mind, but you need to slow down before approaching the next phase.

Virgo: The Sun - Everything is coming up rosy! Celebrate your hard work with your supportive circle. 

Libra: Five of Wands - Negotiations can be a hard sell if everyone is disagreeing on a topic. Try to find a middle ground, while remaining patient.

Scorpio: Death - It's time to pull out your scorpion sting. All negative matters that once clinged onto you will disappear when you unleash your transformational energy.

Sagittarius: The Chariot - The winds are changing direction. Now it is a good time to explore options and travel more when needed.

Capricorn: The World - A sense of accomplishment after performing your tasks. Take the time to relish your efforts before going back to reality.

Aquarius: Three of Cups - All good in the neighbourhood! A collective energy of allies will come together to celebrate your ideas for a better future.

Pisces: Queen of Pentacles - Remaining focused and grounded at your domain. Time to focus on self care and indulging without the guilt.

Web Development and Graphic Design Services Now Available

Hola everyone! Many folks have asked if we're still involved in the web development and graphic design industry. I'm happy to announce that we've reopened our services to the public! 

Our business has undergo numerous changes in the past. Finding a niche and sticking to it has been challenging for the most part. After taking plenty of turns, we decided to settle in doing what's best within our skill sets - offering front end dev services, while providing motivational content on our blog. 

We hope that you like the new layout and the direction that Red Lotus Designz is taking! Be sure to check out our Shop page for more information about our services.

Stay Magickal,

Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for July 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

What does a zen cow say? Mu.

Hola my moo-tiful people! I hope that the previous month have treated you udderly well 🐮

My dear pet cow Betsy decided to chill out in the backyard. The Cancer season made her feel pretty homely so she took her time picking out the cards.  For this month, I will be using the Sacred India Tarot by Yogi Impressions and our three oracle decks Sensory OracleNYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle and Persona Femina Oracle (you can purchase our decks here). Looking at the cards below, anticipate some emotional and transitional changes for the course of the month.

Let us moo-ve into the reading! 

Overall View Of The Month

For the beginning of the month, we have the Four of Discs (Pentacles). The subject of walking away and maintaining stability can be a hard balance to follow. Financially speaking, this can be a time of good investments and making sound business decisions. Relationships wise - it can be an indication that either you or your partner are in the midst of growing separately and trying to figure out how to compromise.  Even in platonic relationships, you might feel the need to step away for a moment to get your bearings straight before coming back with a fresh pair of eyes. 

For the middle of the month, we have the King of Staves(Wands). Creativity will be at its highest peak as you’ll be able to take on more opportunities for expansion and growth.  You may encounter an enigmatic person who might question your lifestyle. The King of Wands isn’t just charismatic - they’re bold, risk takers and are able to work around their limitations through plenty of influence. 

For the end of the month, we have the Ten of Arrows (Swords). Your ego may feel shot down due to drastic events. Additionally, this is forcing you to become humble and realize your actions. Perhaps it is a teachable moment that in your moment of suffering, unconsciously you’re letting others know the do’s and don’ts of your situation. The only way to get back is to rise up. At the same time, realize that shedding away your old ways will help bring forth new ideas and a better perspective.

Astrology Aspects For This Month

  • Chiron retrograde 7/1
  • Venus in Gemini 7/4
  • Mercury in Leo 7/5
  • Full Moon in Capricorn 7/9
  • Ceres in Cancer 7/10
  • Vesta in Virgo 7/17
  • Mars in Leo 7/20
  • Sun enters Leo 7/22
  • New Moon Leo 7/23
  • Mercury in Virgo 7/25
  • Venus in Cancer 7/31

Lessons From The Oracle

For the overall lesson, we have “Sword”, “Opportunities” and “Smiling Through The Pain”. Considering the parallels between the tarot reading and what the oracle cards are showing, it’s no surprise that you’ll need to focus on pushing past your blockages. In this moment and time, having a firm stand while breaking away from toxic situations will help clear away the old. It’ll take a lot of finesse and maneuvering.  You may feel that you need to cover up your emotions. Remember that it’s okay to let out a few tears. It’s your soul reminding you that you’re human.  Nevertheless, keep on fighting the good fight.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly reading! What do you anticipate for the month of July to provide? Let me know in the comments 😃


New Moon in Cancer: Tarot Spell for Emotional Clarity

My Apple Pencil died on me, so I resorted to doing my sketch the traditional way...

My Apple Pencil died on me, so I resorted to doing my sketch the traditional way...

Cancers are very in tune with their emotions. Some say they are sensitive. I don’t see it as a negative trait. I feel that in many ways, Cancers have the ability to showcase a humanistic approach when coping with situations. Needless to say, there are moments where they’ll feel something and there isn’t a well defined name on how to describe a particular feeling. 

Have you been feeling fuzzy as of late? Not sure what’s happening internally and need to have some closure? We will be using The High Priestess in hopes of invoking her magick on going beyond the veil. The High Priestess planetary association is The Moon (also the ruling planet for Cancer). 

This particular spell involves hydromancy (or water scrying). Similar to mirror scrying, it’s a good form on getting in touch with your unconscious. Also for receiving messages from beyond.

You will need:

  • The High Priestess (deck of your choice)
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Dark bowl
  • Water
  • Two candles


  • Find a dark quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (can be indoors or outdoors). 
  • Fill the bowl with water. Add your clear quartz crystal inside the bowl. 
  • Light the two candles and place them on opposite ends of the bowl. Place The High Priestess card in front of you. 
  • Take the time to enter yourself in a trance-like state. It can be as simple as meditating. You can also listen to some music if it helps. As you’re doing so, recite the following:

    Like the tides of the waves
    My emotions go low and high
    Awaken my senses
    Help me see what’s inside
  • Stare into the water. Use the crystal in the water as a focal point. Your eyes will need to be relaxed. Hold in the intention on what you are feeling at the moment. Are you trying to make sense of your emotional well being? You may notice some ripples and images coming through the water. Keep in mind that your own interpretation should not be compared to what others may see when they perform water scrying. Remain calm and steady as you're in this state. Don't give yourself a time limit on the process. Allow the Universe to guide you when honing in on your emotional needs. 
  • Once you feel like you’re starting to lose focus, let it be. When you feel you are finished with scrying, be sure to make note of any visions, images, etc. that you may have encountered. Don’t forget to thank your spirit guides!

Let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated!