Casting Emoji Spells

Ah emojis...we definitely can't live without them. Emojis provide a way to send our messages in the most fun way possible. It's also perfect for those moments when you really don't want to go into detail on a sticky situation and just abbreviate it instead.  

But, did you know that you can use these same emojis for spell work? 😲

I discovered emoji spells through Tumblr and also from a follower who retweeted the spell via Twitter from someone who was providing a prosperity emoji spell.  I was definitely intrigued and wanted to learn more about it.  

The nice thing about emoji spells is that there are endless amount of ways to express your intentions without making it obvious.  Just as you're creating artwork, emojis are symbols that can be used and harnessed through the energy of technology. Believe it or not, our smartphones are made of energy. With every mechanical part in our living space, the energy that helps run these devices allow us to communicate in the most effective way possible.  Did I mention that it's portable? For us modern witches, this can be a dream saver when you're on the go.  

ere are a few starter tips:  

What is the focus of your spell?

Before you do any important spell work, take the time to clear your thoughts and meditate on your intention.  It's vital that you keep yourself grounded before you invoke any type of spell. If you have your smartphone available and feel the need to cleanse away any negative energies, please do so (but with caution as you don't want to risk damaging your device). A good example is to pass some incense over the smartphone while saying a short prayer to release any negative attachments. 

Once your device is prepared, think of the intention that you want to set.  Try not to be vague with your intention as this may cause more problems in the long run. Be as specific as possible. For example, I want love is a vague intention. You may end up opening up attracting the wrong type of love.  Instead, try restructuring to your intention as this - I am open and ready to receive a loving relationship with myself and for someone in my life.  I tend to leave out the time line as I don't want to set expectations on what time and when the end result should be completed. Remember - the Universe will let you know when the result will come.  It's a matter of patience.  

What type of emojis will you place?

hether if you're using the Apple or Google emojis, there are plenty of ways to dress up your spell.  For the snapshot below, I'm using my iPhone emojis as an example.  Here, you'll see that I constructed a simple spell on receiving abundance in my life.  Notice that I wrote my intention below.  This is to help me focus the purpose of the spell.  

In terms of the emoji spell format, I usually like to add the sparkle emojis at the beginning and at the end. Coming from a programming background, I tend to view the sparkle emojis as like the formatting tags when you want to define a property (ex. <p> and </p> as the paragraph tags in HTML5).  Why did I use the sparkle emoji specifically? It's because in my mind, I am thinking of a ray of light illuminating the intention as I cast the spell.  

Now for the three emojis that I have in the middle...why did I choose them? If you look at the statement I wrote below, I mentioned that I was ready and willing.  I denoted the women with the crown and the woman running emoji as the type of actions on what I'm currently doing.  The money stack with wings is an indication of abundance flying into my life.  Pretty simple right?

Of course, my spell is relatively short.  However, you're more than welcome to construct a longer emoji spell.  You don't necessarily have to follow my format on my opening and closing emojis for the spell work. It can be just as simple as two emojis.  When you craft your emojis, go with what your intuition tells you.  

Will this spell be posted publicly or is it for private use?

Now that your spell has been written out, it's a matter of who will be your target audience. If you decide to make it public on social media, you do have a choice if you want to explicitly state on what the spell is about.  But what if you haven't came out of the closet as a witch? You can simply leave it as it is.  I like using Snapchat and from time to time, I would often do fun sketches and emojis with my intentions (my handle name is @dianarchin). 

If you choose to do it privately, you can use an editing app where you can type in your own emojis and save it. Get creative! You can perhaps make an emoji background wallpaper for your smartphone with your emoji spell on it.  If you're concerned about privacy, just make sure that your phone is password protected. You can look into journal apps that have a feature where you can enter your own password. 

What do you think? Do you have any emoji spells you wanna share? I would love to hear them in the comments!


Ostara Tarot Spread

Ostara Tarot Spread.png

I love Ostara. Aside from being the season that I was born under, the weather seems to get better. Calm winds, a bit of rain to help nourish the greenery and a carefree lifestyle that is purely unavoidable.  It is a time of love, affection and abundance. 

I created this simple tarot spread that has plenty of room for explanation. There's no particular order on the cards. I wanted to keep the tarot spread as free form as possible. 

Hope you like! Feel free to share if you happen to like it :)


Chibi Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" Time Lapse Drawing

I had a wonderful time seeing the latest rendition of "Beauty and the Beast" at the theater with my husband.  It was a surprise treat and I definitely enjoyed our date at the movies. 

Out of all the Disney princesses, Belle was my absolute favorite.  I've related to her through her voracious appetite for books and being headstrong.  Somehow, I think she was a Taurus. I decided to do a quick sketch of Belle as a chibi via Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on my iPad Pro tablet. 

It was my first time filming a full length time lapse video, so please excuse the orientation. Next time, it'll be filmed on landscape mode. 

Here is the video:

If you would like to buy the art print, you can click here:


Change Is Good - Moving Away From Modern Witchy Woman And Coming Back Home

Change is good. And then change brings you back home. 

For the past two years, I've been fortunate to have tested out the waters with Modern Witchy Woman (previously Diamond Moonflower). Suffice to say, I'm glad that I took the risk. And I'm forever thankful to those whom I've provided the readings. Thank you for giving me a chance. 

However, it's time to hang up my services as a tarot reader and instead focus on the design and blogging end. I will be in the process of porting over the articles from MWW to my Red Lotus Designz. It'll still be called MWW, just on the writing end. You'll still see my articles on tarot spells, spreads and witchy things. Just on my design site. I want to focus on content, not selling my tarot services. 

You'll notice that there are some articles that I copied over with the same date. That's because Weebly didn't allow an export feature, so I had to do it manually >_<

As far as my daily card prompts, I'll post them on my personal social media profiles. I love to provide encouragement and my hope is to provide inspiration when times are tough. 

Most likely, I will be keeping the domain. However, the social media accounts related to it will be disabled. 

To me, Red Lotus Designz equates growth. It holds a sentimental value for me as this is what Ron and I founded back in 2011. It went through many evolutions. And this one will be bigger than that.  

I will expand on my shop to offer not just selling the art prints and apparel, but also my decks and offer design & promotional services to those who need help with their branding and websites. 

Thank you to everyone who believed in this witch. You're the real MVP 

Korean Drama Inspired Major Arcana Cards

I guess I love Korean Dramas too much.  When I'm not working on my projects, I usually like to relax and watch some shows on DramaFever.  I've lost track on how many shows I've watched.  At least I don't feel bad since Ron also watches them with me as well :D

I wanted to do a fun design project where I incorporate some of the popular Korean dramas on tarot cards.  I remember stumbling onto a post where a blogger created a nice set of Doctor Who Tarot Cards based on the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards.  

The tarot card design template was taken from Arianod via DeviantArt.  I simply made some color modifications through Photoshop. From there, I was able to scour some of the images of the Korean Dramas and placed them inside the template.  The images have a wee bit of a surface blur to give it an artistic feel.  I wanted to keep the format a bit traditional (with the numeral numbers on top) since I'm basing it off from the Rider Waite Smith structure.  Except that these are more "modern looking". And with plenty of eye candy ;)

I had a fun time creating these tarot cards. Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, if you recognize any of these dramas, feel free to comment as well. 


DIY Healing Candles and Salves using Beeswax

Hello loves! This article is jammed packed with not one tutorial, but two! If you're looking for a way to up your DIY game and use it towards your practice, check out the sections below.

Making a Healing Candle

I love candles.  As someone who often buys smaller candles for spellwork, I was always curious as to how they were made. To my surprise, most of them are usually made with paraffin. If you're not aware of paraffin, they're derived from petroloum.  While they're cheaper to use with body care applications, using them as candles does emit a strong odor.  I remember using a candle that contained paraffin and didn't like the aftersmell behind it. Moreover, it releases toxic chemicals in the air, which is not safe especially when you're around children and pets.  

I did some research and found a better alternative - beeswax.  Unlike paraffin, beeswax is made naturally by worker bees. It has been around for thousand of years and has been used in various applications.  Beeswax is incredibly versitile.  The nice thing about creating beeswax candles is that it has a slower burning time, which is perfect for those who want to make their spells last longer.  While beeswax doesn't hold scents too well, I found out that adding coconut oil along with my essential oils does help hold the scent a lot longer.  Still, even without the scents, the warm glow from the candle is just as inviting as the sun.  If you're curious about how I created my own beeswax candle, then keep on reading!

You Will Need:

  • Beeswax pellets 
  • Candle tins
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hemp Wicks 
  • Wick stickers
  • Two pots (we'll be using the double boil method as this is a lot easier)


  • Depending on what type of tins you're using, it's best to measure them one at a time. For the candle tins that I'm using, I would scoop the pellets onto the tin just to get an idea on how much I'll need to fill. The ratio for the beeswax and coconut oil is usually 1:1 since you want to make sure that whatever scents you use, it'll hold up nicely upon the burning process.
  • Once you figure out how much you'll need, pour the beeswax and coconut oil into the pot. Place it on the side for now. From there, take a wick and glue it onto the bottom of the tin can. Because of the thick consistency with beeswax, I chose hemp wick as it's sturdier and will allow a stable flame, rather than using a cotton wick. I use the wick stickers to help make it easy. However, if you don't have them at hand, you can just use a bit of glue on the bottom to seal. Wait for it to dry. 
  • Gather your essential oils. The trickiest part (in my opinion) is to choose which scents to put on the candle. For the most part, I've used citrus based oils. When creating your blend, be sure to keep it separately. You'll want to add those as the last step once the wax is melted. Otherwise, if you add it early, it'll evaporate by the time it's done. 
  • Find a pot and add a bit of water. Place the pot with the beeswax and coconut oil inside the water pot. Set it to medium heat. Let the contents in the pot melt and stir them slowly. 
  • Once the contents are fully melted, add at least 10 to 20 drops of your desired essential oil into the pot. Give it a quick stir. Immediately, remove from heat and pour the mixture into the tin can.
  • While the candle is curing, be sure to keep your wick straight and steady. I've used two chopsticks or two markers to keep them propped in the middle to prevent them from tipping.
  • Allow the candle to cure for about 30 minutes. Once it's fully solidified, trim the wick to your desired length.

You can see the amount of candles I've produced so far. I created the labels via Photoshop, printed them on vinyl paper and used a 2.5" circle punch for a more professional look. 

Making a healing salve 


As someone who keeps her makeup minimal (eyebrows, mascara and eye liner only), I wanted to find a way where I can create an all purpose salve for every part of my body. I never liked using multiple skin care products as they aggravate my skin due to the chemicals. Moreover, being a mother and having an active child on my hands, I do anticipate the cuts and bruises whenever my son runs around.

Making an all purpose healing salve is life changing, in my opinion. The thought of creating your own salve for whatever you need is truly astounding. You can can create a salve for protection, for connecting with your partner, for unlocking your third eye, etc. The list goes on!

For the salve that I created in the picture below, I used a combination of Lavender and Cannabis (and no, these won't make me hallucinate. The Cannabis oil was purchased at I wanted a salve that not only calms my skin, but also help reduce the stress on my feet.

You will need:

  • Beeswax pellets
  • Tin can
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Dried herbs (optional)
  • Two pots as we will use the double boil method


  • With one pot, fill it with water. For the second pot - fill in the desired amount of beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. Generally, I do a 1:1 ratio on all of the contents. However, if you want your salve to be more creamier, then you can use more coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. There is a bit of trial and error when making the salves since it's based on preference. 
  • Using the double boiler method, set your stove on medium heat. Cook the contents until it's fully melted.
  • Once they are melted, add in the desired amount of essential oils and dried herbs into the mix. Give it a quick stir.
  • Pour the mixture into your tin. Let the salve cool down until it's fully cured. It should do so within 10 - 20 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed the two tutorials! Let me know what you think in the comments. 


Multicultural Magic: Meet Dee Fells

What is your name? Do you go by any aliases?

My legal name is DeAndra Stevens. I most often go by Dee as a nickname, and online my business is run under the pseudonym of Dee Fells.

 What is your cultural background? 

Southern Black. With just a little more Southern Black sprinkled in for good measure. Lol. But my family is American.

Where are you currently living?

I currently reside in Richmond, VA

What type of divination and/or magic that you practice?

I am a tarot and energy reader who also practices pendulum dowsing and dream divination.

When did you first starting learning divination and/or magic? 

Actively learning? Around 25. I didn’t start practicing until 2 years later at age 27. Passive learning started at about age 5.

What obstacles did you face when you started practicing your divination and/or magic? How did it affect your cultural beliefs? 

Trying to figure out where I “got it” lol. I just knew that there had to be a source of all of this… “stuff” built up inside of me. I like answers. On one side of my family, 6 of my aunts and uncles are ordained ministers. Three have their own churches. It’s been… interesting to come out of the closet due to such heavy beliefs on their end—their confusion on what I do is something that I don’t like to explain. I’m also still a practicing Christian—Baptist, to be exact, so it’s difficult for others to understand how I can read tarot and still be a believing Christian It hasn’t affected my beliefs at all. Being Black and with a family in the church that heavily comes with its own difficulties in terms of acceptance, so that’s something that I kind of struggled with. 

How do you bridge your cultural beliefs with the usage of divination and/or magic?

If anything, reading tarot has opened my eyes a bit more to my beliefs and how it is, in many ways, laymen interpretation of the messages that God has been sending me. Almost like a translator, if you will. Dream divination as well—it helps to decipher those messages that I feel as though I receive out of order as a human. Dreams have been a messenger for not only myself, but my late grandmother, my father, and my brother as well. 
Being a Black American in general though, ESPECIALLY from VA… there are some things that we just don’t fuck with. LOL. Divination & magic are two of those things. But we have a million superstitions which, quiet as its kept, are all magical in their own right. So really… me and all of my “woo woo” is really at home, little do all of my folks know.

Do you have a website? 

Yes! I’m over at

What are your social media handles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?

FB, I only bother with on a personal level. 
Twitter - @ _deefells
IG – @deefells


Multicultural Magic: Meet Fiona Benjamin

What is your name? Do you go by any aliases?

y name is Fiona Benjamin, and I don’t go by any aliases. I have a Chinese name but that’s something that is generally only used when a relative is particularly mad at me ;)

hat is your cultural background?

ith my cultural background, bear with me- My parents are descendants of Chinese immigrants who immigrated to Malaysia and stayed there for several generations. Then my parents immigrated to the USA- so, we’re Chinese, but culturally, there are a lot of Malaysian influences. I don’t personally know all the differences, but even within the Chinese community, people are very specific about what “kind” of Chinese they are. 

Where are you currently living?

am currently living in Camp Lejeune, NC. I’m originally from Staten Island and spent the last three years in Okinawa, Japan. 

What type of divination and/ or magic that you practice?

I read several types of cards and read the bones. The magic I practice is drawn from several influences, since a lot of my friends come from different backgrounds. 

When did you first starting learning divination and/or magic? 

n terms of magic, I was raised in Shenism, which is Chinese folk magic. (True fact: I had no idea there was a name for this until last year when I was having a conversation about how translating words into English loses a lot of cultural context. I was giving several Chinese to English examples and suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. My non-Chinese friends who are familiar with the practice were rather amused that it took me this long to realize it). My mother is what people would call “highly superstitious” but I see it as, she was a spiritual person. Every year, I was dragged kicking and screaming across Chinatown to have my Eastern astrology done, so I’d know what charms and stones I needed to wear. I carried red enveloped filled with talismans. Our house was filled with all sorts of crystals, Buddha’s, and elaborate altars.   My mother didn’t see it as witchcraft or magic- and she will squirm whenever those words leave my mouth, but Shenism is a way of life. I actually assumed all Chinese people did these things until I met other Chinese American kids who were like, “Uh, no, Fiona.” 

As for divination, there was a boy I liked when I was in middle school. Like any shy little girl, the logical way to find out whether he liked me back was to take my happy ass to Border’s (the bookstore, before Barnes and Nobles was a thing) and buy my first deck of cards. I would bring it to school and my friends would join in and ask questions about whether boys liked us or not. Don’t judge me.

What obstacles did you face when you started practicing your divination and/or magic? How did it affect your cultural beliefs? 

The obstacles I faced were mainly when I approached Western magic, especially in the beginning. I loved people like Michael Ford and EA Koetting who are notorious for being “left hand path” magicians. I scoured their websites for information and wanted to learn more. There’s a saying that ‘hurt people hurt people.’ I didn’t have the happiest childhood and these type of magic seemed to be the answer. When you’re 16, 17 years old and you’re bullied in school, cursing your enemies looks like a really good idea. However, aside from people in school thinking I was a freak, people in online magical communities usually look down to these forms of magic. In the military community, sure, I had people call me names like “Harry Potter wannabe” and bullshit like that, but here’s the thing… I really don’t give a damn what people have to say about me or my practice. I live in it. I work with it. If they want to spend their time focused on me and what I’m doing, they’re hoping to distract themselves from whatever misery lurks in their own homes. 

This didn’t really affect my cultural beliefs. My mother always knew I gravitated more towards the darker arts because of my fascination with the macabre. She would try to bring some more Buddhism into my life and love and light me to death, but she gave that up a long time ago. I’m allowed to have my Buddhas running around the same house as I have the spooky ghosts. 

ow do you bridge your cultural beliefs with the usage of divination and/or magic?

he main cultural belief I abide by is ancestor veneration. While I don’t use cards to speak to my ancestors, I believe cards are an incredible medium to help people speak with their dead. They may not know the meanings of the cards, but people- living and dead alike, respond to colors, imagery, and symbolism. Oracle and tarot cards are excellent for that. 

Do you have a website? 

I do have a website.

What are your social media handles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?

My social media handle for Facebook is
Twitter is