Udderly Zen: Monthly Intuitive Reading for October 2017

What does a zen cow say? Mu.  

What does a zen cow say? Mu.  

Hola my moo-tiful people! I hope that the previous month have treated you udderly well 🐮

My dear pet cow Betsy has been cosplaying as a Magician. She’s looking forward to Halloween! For this month, I will be using the Sacred India Tarot by Yogi Impressions and our three oracle decks Sensory Oracle, NYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle and Persona Femina Oracle (you can purchase our decks here).

Let us moo-ve into the reading!


Overall View Of The Month

For the beginning of the month, we have the Eight of Staves (Wands). Things start to take flight at a rapid pace as we emerge from our slumber. Being cradled by a tremendous celestial force, we look up to the skies as we notice a vast amount of potential within our arms reach. The Full Moon in Aries will be a perfect opportunity to kick up your spirits when making changes regarding your career, or spicing up potential relationships. Be willing and able to have an open mind as some travel may be required during this month. There are some opportunities that you may not find locally, so do your best to seek out adventures that is catered to what your spirit wants. Don’t limit yourself in what type of life you want to create. On the flip side, this card can also indicate that while things may be going in a fast rate, be prepared to keep up to speed with the situations and avoid risking burn out.

For the middle of the month, we have the Ace of Discs (Pentacles). We see an emergence of a birth in creativity, as well as opportunities that was not given to us in the past, but are being presented in a transformational shift. Jupiter enters Scorpio with a good chance in being mindful on our goals without spilling the details too much. A sense of confidentiality may be on the rise as you may partake in situations where you best need to keep mum until the plan starts to come together. Venus entering Libra is a wonderful time to focus on grounding your relationships. It can also be perfect in seeking out potential partners (whether plutonic or amorous). Mercury enters Scorpio with the chance of being detailed in your projects, but there may be some frustration in terms on what remains transparent and what doesn’t. New Moon in Libra will be a good chance on taking the time in focusing any loose ends that you want to repair.

For the end of the month, we have Death. It’s an appropriate card to consider as Samhain approaches. The veil is at its thinnest between our world and the spirit realm. Mars enters Libra with a clash between fire and wind. It’s a reminder that there may be situations where playing the nice card won’t be beneficial. Be firm and show the receipts when necessary. Sun enters Scorpio as this is the time where we look at the correlation on transformation and ending bad habits, situations, relationships, etc. It’s a good time to nip things in the bud and start off a clean slate. While ending a situation may have an effect on the current state, do know that you have a chance to rise up from the ashes and partake in a new chapter. Or better yet, a new book where you can write in and create the journey you want.

Astrology Aspects For This Month

  • 10/5 Full Moon in Aries
  • 10/10 Jupiter enters Scorpio
  • 10/14 Venus enters Libra
  • 10/17 Mercury Enters Scorpio
  • 10/19 New Moon in Libra
  • 10/22 Mars enters Libra
  • 10/23 Sun enters Scorpio

Lessons From The Oracle

For the lessons, we have “Watch For Signs”, “Heart” and “Smiling Through The Pain.” The transformational energy for the month of October will be filled with lots of highs and some lows. But the low periods of our lives can be served as a reminder that not all hope is lost. Pay attention to the signs that you may be seeing from the Universe. Better yet, tap into the spirit world and ask your ancestors to find out what solutions you may need to solve your current state of affairs. Trust your heart knowing that the answers you seek will be here in one form of fashion or another. While you may be doing your best to push through stressful situations, don’t forget to remind yourself on your “why” - your purpose, resolution, the real reason in moving a different direction that will be beneficial to you, physically and mentally.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly reading! What do you anticipate for the month of October to provide? Let me know in the comments 😃