About Diana & Ron

Diana is a visual artist, writer, front end developer and co-founder of Red Lotus Designz who loves to create magick in her work. Her work is best described as “zen with a touch of quirkiness”.  Since 2001, Diana has been involved in the web development and graphic design industry. Aside from creating her own websites, she also provided her services to small business owners, artists and non-profit organisations. To her, coding is a form of art and poetry. Her hope is to share her love for programming with potential future clients. 

Diana is a crafter by heart with her previous experience as a jewelry designer. Her visual artwork and writing inspirations comes from her multiracial background (Indo-Guyanese and Puerto Rican) and is an advocate for racial, cultural, gender and plus size diversity. Not to mention, she is an avid pop culture geek, gamerand a bonafide bibliophile.

As a solitary eclectic witch, Diana often blogs about tarot and spirituality while keeping it fresh and modern on Red Lotus Designz. Between 2014 through 2017, she created Modern Witchy Woman to help women feel empowered and confident in their personal lives through divination readings. She was featured in Illamasqua, Swirl Nation Blog, Biddy Tarot, Witch Way Magazine, Lady Boss Blogger, Janet Boyer, Joanna Devoe and Benebell Wen.

Ron is also the co-founder of our website and he helps maintain and moderates the website. He is also in charge of marketing and public relations for Red Lotus Designz. His favorite hobbies are trains, video games and QA'ing latest tech item and apps. Not to mention, he's a fantastic cook!