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by Diana Chin

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I'm Diana Chin and I'm the Founder of Red Lotus Designz. I am a designer and programmer who loves creating original designs & illustrations based on fashion, Asian pop culture and inspirational moments. During my spare time, I like to doodle and tinker with website layouts and game apps.

My husband, Ron, is the Co-Founder of our website and he helps maintain and moderates the website. He is also in charge of marketing and public relations for Red Lotus Designz.

During our free time, we like to spend time with our son, create fun crafts, play video games (mostly online gaming), watching Asian dramas and anime, and cooking. We love connecting with others who shares the same interests as we do :)

We hope you enjoy the website and feel free to contact us for suggestions or questions!

Namaste <3

Tools of the Trade


  • Procreate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apple iPad Pro

music / apps / designs

Designs & Illustrations (via Instagram)

Published Works

HTML5 Games
(Developer's note: Lotus Cow, Mooncake Rush and Don't Drop The Moo were previously published on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon from 2013 thru 2016)

Lotus Cow (Status: COMPLETE)

Lotus Cow
(Status: COMPLETE)

Tarot Magicka Quest (Status: IN PROGRESS)

Tarot Magicka Quest

Mooncake Rush (Status: COMPLETE)

Mooncake Rush
(Status: COMPLETE)

Match My Oppa (Status:COMPLETE)

Match My Oppa

Don't Drop The Moo! (Status: COMPLETE)

Don't Drop The Moo!
(Status: COMPLETE)


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